Introduction to SCM in 90 minutes - Lars Bendix

Software Configuration Management is in the top three most important skills needed by industry. Yet it is the one with by far the largest knowledge gap between what is needed by industry and what is taught at universities.
I have tried to fix this knowledge gap. Not just by giving a 7.5 ECTS SCM course in Lund, Sweden, but also developing a 1 ECTS small course on SCM which should allow non-experts to teach a little SCM. However, even that seems to be too much for other universities, so I have developed an even shorter version introducing SCM in just 90 minutes of lecture.
To allow us to discuss if - from an SCM-expert point of view - it is the right thing that I am teaching, I will start by doing the lecture. Since you are experts, I should be able to do that in 45 minutes ;-)