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Software Configuration Management

Scandinavian SCM day

About the presenters:

Sigurdur Birgisson (Keynote: Driving Higher Quality with DevOps Initiatives),
As QA Manager at Avensia, Sigge drives quality strategies across all projects of the company, enabling development teams to deliver high quality e-commerce software. With a background at Atlassian and Jayway, he coaches development teams on building quality in from the start, rather than trying to test and fix things after the fact.

Christian Pendleton (SCM and DevOps):
Christian Pendleton have been working with configuration management since 1994. He have always had a focus on supporting developers with "best ways of working" and how CM integrates with the development process. His main experiences comes from large organisations with complex products, distributed projects and complex toolchains. He is an appreciated teacher in configuration management, distributed version control and in agile methodologies.
Today, Christian is CEO for Praqma AB in Sweden, focusing on making continuous delivery and DevOps work as the infrastructure for agile development.

Lars Bendix (SCM and DevOps),
(Metrics, Measurements - and SCM):
Lars Bendix is an associate professor at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. His main research interest is software configuration management and how it can be used to support software development processes. He is also interested in agile processes and their pedagogical use in software engineering education. He received a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark in 1986 and a PhD Degree from Aalborg University, Denmark in 1996.

Seif Al-Shakargi (Continuous Delivery as a Self-Service):
Seif graduated from Lund University with a Master's degree in Computer Science. During his studies he took part in the agile project-course "Programming in a Team" and later took the course "Coaching of Agile Teams". He managed to combine his interest in Agile methods with the course "Configuration Management" to carry out his Master's Thesis exploring how Continuous Delivery could be provided in such a way that it would allow an agile team to set it up and maintain it on their own.
Seif is currently working as a consultant at Softhouse in Malmö.

Rasmus Hallevåg, Jesper Olsson (Open Space - Mining Software Repositories):
Rasmus and Jesper are Master's students at the Department of Computer Science at Lund University. During their studies the both followed the course in Software Configuration Management and caught interest in the topic. They are currently carrying out their Master's thesis at Praqma in Malmö exploring how to get something useful out of mining software repositories and they will finish that during the summer.

Otto Vinter (Open Space - What role will a SCM professional play in a modern Agile or DevOps organization?):
Otto Vinter is a specialist in software process improvement and an independent consultant and mentor ( advising clients based on his long and comprehensive experience in the software engineering field. He is a specialist in software process improvements for testing, requirements engineering, development models, and configuration management. He mentors project managers, and implements organization-wide CMMI compliant processes. He has often wondered why the CM processes are the hardest to implement in an organization.

Johan Abildskov (Repository sizing):
I am a Continuous Delivery and DevOps consultant and teacher. I did not write the book on DevOps, but I did write the song for DevOpsDays Copenhagen. I help companies both with process and culture, but I do enjoy it when I can dive into the deep tech stuff. I am particular fond of Git, Jenkins, Artifactory and Gradle as a tool stack.
I maintain [Opinionated Git](, [Exploring Agile Newsletter]( and the [best darn Git exercises around]( I enjoy programming, music, gaming and being with my family of course ;-)